Version 0.59.1 (18 March 2024)

This is a bug-fix release to fix regressions in 0.59.0.

CUDA API Changes

Fixed caching of kernels that use target-specific overloads

Caching of kernels using target-specific overloads now works. This includes use of cooperative group sync, which is now implemented with a target-specific overload.


Performance Improvements and Changes

Improvement to np.searchsorted

Fixed a performance regression introduced in Numba 0.59 which made np.searchsorted considerably slower.


Bug Fixes

Fix issues with np.searchsorted not handling np.datetime64

This patch fixes two issues with np.searchsorted. First, a regression is fixed in the support of np.datetime64. Second, adopt NAT-aware comparisons to fix mishandling of NAT value.


Allow use of Python 3.12 PEP-695 type parameter syntax

A patch is added to properly parse the PEP 695 syntax. While Numba does not yet take advantage of type parameters, it will no longer erroneously reject functions defined with the new Python 3.12 syntax.